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2022 Ford F-350 vs 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD

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  • 2022 Ford F-350

    A white 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty XLT is angled left.

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    2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD

    A black 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali is angled right.

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    475Horsepower (hp)445
    1050Torque (lb-ft)910
    7,850Payload (lbs)7,442

    If you are in the market for a work truck and are comparing the 2022 Ford F-350 vs 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD, you will undoubtedly look for something with a lot of power and towing capacities. But let's not forget that there are many features you would be looking for in a work truck other than a powerful engine. For example, many workers will be more productive with an intuitive infotainment system to aid them in utilizing their smartphones for better communication, among other things. And let's not forget about all of the other devices workers use in everyday business dealings, including tablets, laptops, and tablets.

    Have you ever tried to balance a laptop on a tiny center console? If so, you totally understand the frustration. And finding a suitable space for your devices so that they aren't flying around the cab can be a problem as well. In short, your work truck should be practical as well as powerful, and it should include all of the latest technology. That is why the first truck you should check out is the 2022 Ford F-350. You know the power is there; what you might not know is just how well-equipped it is. Let's take a closer look at the Ford F-350 vs 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD to see how they stack up.

  • Performance

    A blue 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty Limited FX4 is shown towing a tractor down a highway after winning a 2022 Ford F-350 vs 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 HD battle..

    As we mentioned earlier, power is one of the bigger selling points when shopping for a work truck. There is no doubt about it; the F-350 steps up in this department with three engine options that all offer the power you need to keep going strong day in and day out. The standard 6.2-liter "Boss" V8 kicks out 385 horsepower with 430 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to get most jobs done, but some drivers will want more.

    If the Boss won't cut it for you, there is the 7.3-liter "Godzilla" V8 option, which boasts a healthy 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. If the Boss and Godzilla still can't quench your thirst for power, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel V8 should give you goosebumps. This bad boy has enough horsepower to knock the plaque off of your teeth. At 475 horsepower and a whopping 1050 lb-ft of torque, you'll be double-checking your seatbelt before firing this baby up.

    When sitting in your favorite restaurant reading the menu, you might think that having too many choices is not a good thing, especially when you are trying to decide between the lobster mac and cheese or the Italian sausage stuffed shells. But when you are shopping for a work truck, options are a good thing. And while Ford gives you three engine options, GMC offers two choices with the Sierra 3500. The standard 6.6-liter V8 provides an impressive 401 horsepower with 464 lb-ft of torque. However, the diesel option, which is also a 6.6-liter V8, falls short of the Ford equivalent with just 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque.

    Towing and Hauling

    Two critical aspects of a work truck are towing capacities and payload. There are several available configurations with the Ford F-350, so you will encounter varying towing capacities. At the low end, the 6.2-liter engine option will allow for a towing capacity of 16,700 pounds. This is a good number, and it will be plenty for many work applications. But if you need more, you can opt for the 7.3-liter option, which will garner you up to 21,200 pounds.

    There will be workers out there who need all of the towing power they can muster in a work truck. If you need maximum towing capacity, the obvious choice is the Turbo-Diesel V8, which boasts an awe-inspiring towing capacity of 35,750 pounds. With numbers like that, you won't be turning any jobs down, to be sure. As far as payload, the Ford F-350 is rated at 7,850 pounds, which is enough to take on a heavy load of just about anything that needs to be transported. The max payload for the GMC Sierra 3500 is impressive as well, but it falls nearly a quarter-ton short of the F-150 at 7,442 pounds.

  • Features

    A red 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty Platinum is shown towing a trailer down a highway.

    Remember when we mentioned how a work truck needs to be practical? Well, we are ready to show you the ways in which the F-350 will make your workday a lot more bearable regardless of the job. Let's start with a few of the features that make your driving experience pleasant and exciting.

    Make Driving Easier

    Driving a big truck can be a little intimidating, especially if you aren't used to it. Even seasoned drivers have a difficult time parking in tight spots, maneuvering through traffic, and staying as safe as possible. However, a working man will have no problems admitting that technology is a big help when driving a big truck. You need a particular set of skills to operate such a big truck, but even the best drivers enjoy any help they can get.

    For example, backing up a big truck with a trailer in tow is never considered a fun or easy task, and in many cases, it can be a two-person job. But the Pro Trailer Backup Assist takes the doubt out of maneuvering a trailer. This feature is easy enough to use; you simply press a button and select the trailer you are towing, and the system locates will then automatically reverse in the direction you indicate using the knob on the dash. Even GMC's impressive backup camera system can't compare to that.

    Safety Features

    There are other features that make driving a full-size truck less intimidating. For example, brake assist, lane departure warning, and rear parking aid are all standard on the F-350; these features are either optional or not available on the GMC Sierra 350 HD. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but it's the minor features you never think about that help you maintain safety and enhance the driving experience.

  • Luxury

    A close up shows the tan leather seats in a 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty.

    Let's focus a bit on the interior of the Ford F-350 for a bit. Of course, there will be those who say they don't care about a nice interior because, after all, they are buying a truck for work applications. But we imagine if they were to spend a few days driving around an F-350, they would soon learn to appreciate the interior, and they would discover that it benefits them in many ways.

    Staying Comfortable

    You work hard, and when you aren't loading your truck with heavy objects or shoveling gravel into the bed, you want to remain comfortable. And inside the Ford F-350, you will do just that because power-operated bucket seats with lumbar support are an option on all but the base trim and make driving almost zen-like. Another feature that makes driving your Ford F-350 an experience worthy of boasting to your friends about is the massive 12-inch infotainment touchscreen running Ford's latest SYNC 4 software - a large improvement over the 8-inch option that GMC offers.

    Storage options might not be a huge selling point, but you will have to admit that it is something you really need in a work truck. In addition to having plenty of places to store your smartphone and other electronic devices you utilize for work, there is plenty of space to keep items that you use on a daily basis. Remember, your work truck is basically your remote office and should function nicely as such.

    Luxury Options

    While the Ford F-350 is a rugged truck capable of some pretty impressive tasks, it is also a refined truck that offers plenty of luxurious amenities. Once you check out the high trim levels of the F-350, you will see just what we mean. There are features and options like leather seats, ventilated seats, and ambient lighting that will make you question the label of a work truck. There isn't any reason why you should question these luxury features; just enjoy them as much as you can.

    The GMC Sierra 3500 HD offers several luxury features in its top-tier trims as well. But when it comes down to having to make a choice between the two, going head to head, the F-350 offers more in almost all categories. When it comes to choosing the right work truck for your applications, this is an investment that requires selecting the best of the best, which is clearly the Ford F-350.

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