Super Duty Trucks for Sale Near Murfreesboro

You may be on your way to one of the Wright Construction job sites, or maybe you're meeting up with fellow adventurers for some time at Barfield Crescent Park. Either way, you need a truck that's tough enough to handle anything your day entails, which is a good reason to consider the Ford Super Duty line. When you want top power, unparalleled capabilities, and features built for work, the Super Duty models deliver a level of durability and strength that make them some of the best trucks to handle anything you can imagine. If you're on the hunt for Super Duty trucks for sale near Murfreesboro, look no further than Newton Ford South. We have an outstanding inventory of new and used Ford vehicles and a team that can help you find the right truck for your unique demands. There's no better lineup to trust in when you need to complete more tasks on the worksite, venture anywhere with confidence, and take on challenges that other trucks shy away from. If you're ready, let's talk trucks…Super Duty trucks, that is.

A 2023 Ford F-250 Tremor is shown from the front at an angle.

Ford F-250

The F-250 welcomes you into the Super Duty family with a slew of high-performing engines and a level of durability that is simply unmatched. Multiple V8 engines, including the PowerStroke turbo-diesel, make it easy to choose the powertrain that is right for your needs. With impeccable towing and hauling capabilities, the F-250 is able to take on more challenging tasks than other full-size trucks can handle. Multiple trims allow you to focus on the experience and capabilities you need in your ride, while helpful work-ready features help you to get more done on the job site. Opting for newer models will allow you to enjoy an onboard generator, power tailgate, and arsenal of helpful trailering tech to make your time driving from job site to job site more focused and controlled, no matter what greets you on the journey ahead.

The F-250 is a wonderful choice when you require more power than the F-150 can provide. It's a trusted workmate, seasoned explorer, and dedicated traveler, making it versatile and powerful enough to take on more challenges. Its build is larger than light-duty trucks yet not so large that you can't maneuver it with expert precision, making it the ideal option for those who demand a bit more during their everyday work tasks around Murfreesboro and beyond.

A grey 2023 Ford F-350 is shown from the side while towing a trailer after leaving a dealer that has Super Duty trucks for sale near Murfreesboro.

Ford F-350

Here's where the capabilities skyrocket. The F-350 not only showcases a robust build, capable of taking on some of the most daunting work tasks imaginable, but its powertrain lineup is capable of towing extraordinary loads to enhance productivity on any worksite. If you're looking for more power than the F-250 can provide, the F-350 may just be the perfect pickup to have in your arsenal. It showcases not only impeccable strength but also a dynamic ride marked by ample acceleration and excitement that you won't find elsewhere. Like the F-250, the F-350 also offers plenty of features designed to heighten your experience on the road, the campsite, the construction site, and beyond.

You'll find that Ford's Super Duty trucks have been reinforced with durable materials to enhance overall strength, with a military-grade aluminum-alloy body and a high-strength steel frame, helping them take on hulking loads with ease. An available integrated electric winch, found in newer Super Duty models, comes in handy, no matter if you're camping at Poole Knobs or taking on unbelievable challenges during the workday. When you need a truck that has more power than the F-250 can provide, the F-350 is a surefire winner. However, the Super Duty lineup doesn't end here.

Ford F-450

When you're in need of monumental power, the F-450 is poised to deliver with uncanny towing and hauling capabilities and an ultra-strong build that's designed to take on immense challenges. The F-450 is ready for when the going gets tough, and you need a truck that can move mountains––figuratively, of course. Its diesel engines provide it with the power it needs and best-in-class performance you won't find in rivals. Newer models will feature the available High-Output PowerStroke engine, allowing them to take on insurmountable tasks with ferocity.

A menacing appeal can be expected from this tough-as-nails workhorse, commanding respect on any job site it happens to visit. The F-450 is able to pull some of the heaviest loads imaginable, trek through challenging terrain with confidence, and provide you with the features and tech needed to make for a safe and controlled ride, no matter how daunting the task you're taking on happens to be. When you need a truck that can tow tens of thousands of pounds, enhancing productivity like never before on the job site, you'll want the F-450 by your side.

A silver 2023 Ford F-450 is shown from the front at an angle.

Shop New or Used

At Newton Ford South, we understand that all of our customers have different needs and budgets. This is why the celebrated Super Duty lineup can be found on both our new and used lots. New Super Duty trucks will feature some of the most advanced technology and work features, as well as top-level power to make any task infinitely easier. If you want to take advantage of some of the best capabilities available in the industry, buying new is highly recommended. From high-tech trailering assistance to expertly-engineered powertrains, new Super Duty models have it all to make your experience on the job site and beyond absolutely incredible.

You may be looking to find a highly capable truck for a more affordable price, which is why we also offer plenty of quality used Super Duty models on our lot. After all, why overpay for enhanced power and features when you can save money by choosing a model that's a year or two old? Ford trucks hold their value and are known to be highly reliable, so whichever model you choose, you can be sure that it'll offer you the capability you need, mile after mile. Having options is what makes Newton Ford South the place to shop when a Super Duty, or any other high-quality Ford model, is on your mind. Plus, with our expert team leading the way, you'll have enhanced peace of mind that you're getting the ideal truck for your needs, as well as a competitive price.


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