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When it's time for you to buy your next vehicle, you should consider a New Ford. Today, Ford is making some of the most innovative and technologically advanced cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market, all at an amazingly affordable price. When you buy a Ford, you are getting over 100 years of automotive expertise without having to pay a premium. That's because Ford doesn't think you have to pay high prices to get good value in your next vehicle. And when it is time for you to search for a "Ford Dealer Near Me," visit Newton Ford South in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

At our dealership, we proudly serve Ford customers across central Tennessee, offering you a buying experience unlike any other you have ever encountered. That is because we promise to Change Your Experience. It starts with our Newton Fastpass, which allows you to start looking for lease and finance options from the comfort of your own home. Next, you can stop by our dealership to test-drive your next Ford, or you can arrange for us to bring your Ford to you for your test drive, either at your home or your office.

Finally, we do not engage in high-pressure tactics like the other guys. At Newton Ford South, we are dedicated to treating you like a friend, ensuring that you are satisfied with the entire deal before driving out in your next Ford. We want to build a long-term relationship with you, our customer, and that starts with providing an honest, transparent, and stress-free process.

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Ford History

The history of Ford Motor Company goes back to one man, the brilliant inventor Henry Ford. Ford built his very first vehicle in 1896. Called the Quadricycle, it paired four bicycle wheels with a home-built four-horsepower engine. While that first attempt at an automobile was not commercially successful, it set the stage for future progress. After a rough start with the Henry Ford Company, which Ford left the year after it was founded, Ford established the now-famous Ford Motor Company.

The experience with his first company taught Ford a lot of valuable lessons that he would put to work when he founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. There is an old saying that "the third time is the charm," and it really applied here, as Ford debuted the widely successful Model A on July 23, 1903. But the best was yet to come. Having tasted early success with the Model A, Ford didn't waste any time. He formed the Ford Motor Company of Canada in 1904. Located across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, this gave Ford the ability to begin selling cars in Canada and the United Kingdom. Ford Motor Company was not even a full year old, and it was already an international venture.

In 1908, Ford revolutionized the auto industry with the introduction of the Model T. Where all prior cars were built with an eye toward the upper-class luxury market, Ford designed the Model T to be affordable to average workers. The car's simple yet reliable design and the implementation of the first integrated moving assembly line kept costs down, resulting in a car that the average person could now afford to buy. Ford was rewarded for being innovative, and the Model T topped over 15 million sales by the time production on the model ceased in 1927. Ford also rewarded his workers by instituting a $5 workday in an era where the average salary was a fraction of that sum.

Ford introduced the first pickup truck in 1917. The Model TT became the great-grandfather of the F-Series trucks that are so popular with drivers today. Also, in 1917, Ford opened the River Rouge Complex in Michigan, which is still in service to this day. Aside from making the cars and trucks that we know and love, Ford has a history of helping this nation during times of need. In 1918, Ford built antisubmarine patrol boats to assist the Navy during the Great War. During World War II, Ford constructed Jeeps for the Army and B-24 Liberator heavy bombers for the Army Air Force. This commitment to the public continues today with Project Apollo, which has been designing and manufacturing protective equipment for our healthcare workers and first responders fighting the pandemic.

After World War II, Ford embarked on a design spree unmatched in the history of consumer automobiles. The F-Series of pickup trucks was launched in 1948, with models like the F-250 and F-350 still being built today. Ford also began making more aerodynamic cars for better performance and fuel economy, utilizing Ford's famous V-8 engines. Performance cars were also at the top of the list, including the Thunderbird, introduced in 1954, and the Mustang, which made its debut in 1964. Both of these gave drivers the chance to own a high-performance sports car at an affordable price. In 1990, Ford helped jumpstart the SUV market in the United States with the introduction of the Bronco, one of the most popular family vehicles in history.

Ford Motor Company has always shown a commitment to safety that continues to this day with Ford Co-Pilot 360, a platform of advanced active safety features. This commitment goes back to 1954 when Ford began crash tests of its vehicles to improve safety. The engineers and designers at Ford would review the results of each crash test to improve the safety capabilities of Ford vehicles involved in collisions. This testing resulted in innovations such as the adoption of three-point, self-adjusting, and retracting seat belts. Research had shown that three-point belts reduced passenger injuries in collisions, so Ford took action to improve vehicle safety. Throughout history, Ford has been one of the most innovative and revolutionary automotive companies, with an eye towards performance, reliability, and safety. This commitment continues to this day.

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What Do Our Customers Love About Newton Ford?

As you can see, Ford has over 100 years of history pleasing its automotive customers. At Newton Ford South, we aim for that same kind of customer service credentials, always working hard to earn your business. This starts with our sales team, which our customers describe as personable and professional, respectful and hardworking, and great to work with. That is because our sales team members understand that the goal is to get you the Ford you want at a price you can afford on the best terms possible. So, they work hard to make sure you are in the driver's seat throughout the process.

Our team members are also knowledgeable about all the Ford vehicles on our lot. This is why our customers describe them as descriptive and informative. With all the different models, trims, and options, it can get a little confusing at times when buying a car. Our team members are able to take the mystery out of the process and help you find the exact model you want with all the features you need.

At Newton Ford South, we want to make sure you do not feel any pressure from our team members. This is why customers have often remarked that our sales team did not push us and only asked what we needed. This also applies to our finance team, which has been described as professionals every stop of the way. Our finance team members are dedicated to getting you the lease or loan on terms that can best fit your budget and will work with you every step of the way through the process.

Time after time, our customers all say that the whole shopping experience was great from beginning to end. We know that buying a car is a process that starts when you first walk into our dealership and continues for as long as you own your Ford. That's why we love to see happy customers who return to buy their next Ford when the time comes.

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