Head from the Job Site to Your Home in the Super Duty

Sometimes your job doesn’t end when you leave the job site. That’s why we want to introduce the 2018 Ford Super Duty.

This popular heavy-duty pickup is equipped to help you handle the job day or night. With the available LED box lights, you can continue working from the pickup box after nightfall with little issues.

Sometimes you need to install additional equipment like loading ramps or storage boxes. With the available BoxLink system, the box can be reinforced to handle additional loads and equipment.

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How much personal storage space is available in the Ford Flex?

When you are driving or riding in a full-sized SUV like the Ford Flex, you naturally assume that there will be plenty of personal storage space for each occupant. In the Ford Flex, your assumption would be correct. Indeed, the personal storage space is more than that normally found in SUVs.

In the front seat area there is an expanded storage console that sits between the two seats. There are also storage mesh-hangers in on each the inside of each door. The glove compartment is larger than most and is lockable. In the second row of seats, door storage pockets…

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How to Avoid Hydroplaning

When the rain is falling hard, and you can't really see the road very well anyways, the last thing you need is to hydroplane out of control. This can happen anytime there is water on the roadway, even a puddle can send you off the road.

To avoid this is fairly easy if you know what to do. First, slow down; the faster you DRIVE, the harder it is to channel the water out of the tread which causes the tire to float on the water.

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