Ford Escape For Your Pet Needs

What makes for the perfect pet-ready car? Expert reviewers at Autotrader have created a list of must-have features for a dog-friendly road trip. With these features in mind, the Ford Escape becomes a clear pick for dog owners. Here’s what this small SUV has that your dog will want and need.

Natural Light

The Ford Escape is offered with a panoramic sunroof, which means the cabin will be full of plenty of sunlight for both you and your pets to enjoy.

Rear Air Ducts

It’s tough to get solid AC circulation in the summer time unless a vehicle is equipped with rear seat air ducts. This option in the Ford Escape means your pets can stay comfortable in the back seat no matter the weather. 

12-Volt Outlet

The Ford Escape features a 12-volt outlet in its cargo area, which lets you use powered accessories, such as a cooling fan, to aid in your pet’s comfort.

Powerful Performance

With a range of turbocharged engines, the Ford Escape will offer a peppy, fun, and efficient ride even with a large animal in the back seat. On top of that, the Ford Escape can tow up to 3,500 pounds so if you’re road tripping with your pets you’ll have the option to tow whatever cargo won’t fit in the rear.


Learn more about the pet-friendly features of the Ford Escape with a test drive at Newton Ford.

Ford Escape - Shelbyville, TN 

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