Symptoms of an Ignition Problem

Ignition switches have issues these days. Whether it's a manufacturer defect or problems with transponder keys, there are a number of reasons for your car's sudden stalling or stopping. In cases where your car starts but then stops, it could be a problem with your ignition and fuel systems. This happens when there is a break in the line or there isn't enough fuel in your vehicle.

In cases where your car fails to start at all, it could be that your car is having a starter problem. The starter is responsible for kicking your engine on, but if it's failing, it may fail to turn over. Ignition switches are typically only half of the problem.

When you have an issue with your car stalling, it may also be the battery. A failing battery may not be able to power your engine. To get a full diagnostic, you should visit our car parts and repair facility located in Shelbyville, TN to get your car checked out immediately.

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