Tips for How to Stay Awake on Road Trips

With summer in full swing, we’re all going to spend the next couple of months anywhere but at home. If you’re taking a long trip in your car this summer, follow these easy tips on how to stay awake on road trips. 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The most important thing you can do before you embark on a long road trip is to get a full night of sleep. Go to sleep at your normal time and get up at your normal time so you don’t disturb your body’s rhythm too much, which can make you more tired.

Eat Healthy Food Before You Leave

Healthy food gives us long-lasting energy without upsetting our digestive system. The last thing you want on a road trip is to make a bunch of stops to use the bathroom. Eating a healthy meal before you go takes care of that problem and gives you more energy.

Snack During The Drive

Related to suggestion number two, it’s important to get energy during your drive as well. Bring snacks that are easy to eat while driving, and don’t rely on fast food restaurant stops to sustain you.

Use The Buddy System

It’s much safer to drive with a partner who can take over for you when you get tired. Switch off every couple of hours so you can each get some rest.

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