Common Car Maintenance Mistakes That Could Be Costing You

 While basic car maintenance is important year round, it’s particularly crucial to stay on top of things during winter. Cold weather puts extra strain on all systems of your car, so be sure you’re not committing any of these common car maintenance mistakes before winter takes hold.


Ignoring tire pressure

One of the most important components of any vehicle, tires should never be neglected, especially in winter. You should regularly check tire pressure, tread, and alignment. Doing so is easy and is one of the best ways to keep your car in great shape for years to come.


Neglecting oil changes

For many drivers, car maintenance only comes to mind after something goes wrong. But the whole point of car maintenance is to keep things from going wrong in the first place. Another easy way to keep your car happy is to maintain a regular oil change schedule. Even if everything is running smoothly (and it should be) change your oil seasonally or every 5,000 miles or so. Refer to your owner’s manual for your car’s recommended schedule.


Not knowing the basics 

One of the biggest mistakes any driver can make is not knowing the basics of car maintenance. While trained technicians are your best bet for complicated repairs, every driver should know how to change a tire, replace lights and wiper blades, and how to look for common problems under the hood.


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